Organizer of the Day: Casey

Casey is co-head-slut-in-charge of SlutWalk Cleveland, here’s what she has to say:

I am involved in slut walk because I think that blaming anyone who has been sexually assaulted is absolute bullshit. Reclaiming the word slut is important because it takes power away from those who blame the victims. I would like to raise awareness of the structural/societal issues that contribute to sexual violence so that they can be stopped!


SlutWalk Cleveland Organizer of the Day

Want to know why those of us who are organizing are involved? Well, we want to tell you. Every day we’ll try to post one organizer’s reasons until we run out of organizers to post. The first post in this series is coming very very soon!

Great post from Katha Pollitt in The Nation

Katha Pollitt on SlutWalk


Some key quotes from the article:

– Walkers aren’t saying, “Please call me a slut, big boy”; they’re saying, “I am Spartacus”

– Even more, they are attacking the very division of women into good girls and bad ones, madonnas and whores. Don’t be misled by the fishnet stockings and miniskirts. These women are making a radical challenge to foundational ideas about women’s sexuality—and men’s.

The whole thing is a good read, check it out!